FREE 3-5yr Childcare

  • stickman2Who qualifies for free part time nursery education sessions?

    All Children become entitled to free part time Nursery Education starting the term after your child’s third birthday. The scheme is designed to ensure that every child is able to access up to two years of free part-time education before reaching compulsory school age.

    stickman3What are the conditions of free part time Nursery Education?

    All children receiving free Nursery Education are entitled to a maximum of five sessions per week term time only. One session equals three hours. These sessions can be spread out throughout the week they could have 5 morning sessions or 5 afternoon sessions or they can have two sessions in one day for a maximum of 6 hours per day.

    Who Qualifies?

    Each child that qualifies by age will be entitled to 38 weeks of Early Years Education a year.

    Fun Farm Day Nurseries will automatically apply for your child’s funding when they reach the age of entitlement.

    stickman1When’s my child Eligible?

    A child born on or between:

    1st April – 31st August

    1st September – 31st December

    1st January – 31st March

    Eligible for Nursery Education Funding From:

    September following their 3rd birthday

    January following their 3rd birthday

    April following their 3rd birthday