Our Rooms

  • Baby Basket & Toddler Lounge 

    Babies are 4 months – 14/15 months. Toddlers are 15 months – 2 years

    (We may be able to take babies from 6 weeks depending on how many babies we have booked in)

    At Fun Farm Day Nursery our Baby Basket area is a lovely, bright and spacious environment for babies – perfect for your little one to grow in confidence, play and interact safely. 

    Babies of six weeks and upwards are looked after by our qualified and caring practitioners in a room that is quiet and stimulating. The Baby Basket provides a cosy area filled with soft cushions and soft flooring for your baby when they start to crawl and walk and a comfy sofa so your babies are given plenty of time for milk and snuggles.

    We provide exciting and stimulating activities enabling your children to grow and explore new experiences daily.

    We try to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery and give parents and our babies plenty of support to ensure this happens. We hope by providing a home from home environment your baby will be surrounded by familiar things found in their homes.

    Our Toddler Lounge area caters for our adventurous toddlers that are ready to grow and flourish and who are into anything and everything. Our toddlers can enjoy free play, singing, story time and group activities.

    We begin to teach your child baby signing and letter sounds and provide lots of activities to encourage the development of social skills. Our practitioners who work in the Toddler Lounge plan exciting new experiences every day. Activities such as sand, water, building, arts and crafts are our all-time favourites for our children and practitioners

    We all love Messy Play! From gloop, to jelly, baked beans, shaving foam, play dough, sticking, spaghetti and painting.

    Early Years Pod 


    2 years – 3 years

    The daily routine in the Early Years Pod has a more structured approach to learning and play.

    In our Early Years Pod we combine a balance of child-led play with adult-initiated learning, specifically designed to develop your child’s creativity, caring for others and social skills, as they establish their own identity.

    Children take part in circle time and group activities such as messy play, outside play, arts and crafts, puzzles, small world play and imaginary play.

    The Early Years Pod offers a safe and stimulating environment where the children can develop, express themselves, explore their imagination and learn new skills. We have a cosy corner for children to relax and be cosy. We offer a communication friendly environment which supports our children’s learning, social and emotional development, a creative area for children to express themselves freely and small world play area to develop their imaginations.

    Our Early Years is our main room where we encourage and support children with potty training. It is what we call our “Potty Training Heaven”.


     Pre School Children aged 3-5 years 

    Joining the pre-school is an important milestone for our 3 to 5 year olds.  At Fun Farm Day Nursery our emphasis is on “Getting our children School Ready”

    The Flying Starts Room is divided into well-defined “learning areas”, each equipped with resources that focus on a particular area of learning. These include emergent writing, mathematics, reading, information technology, role play, construction and many other activities.


    Pre School Extras the best bits!!

    We are a very busy bunch of kiddies in the Pre School and are always up to something! Some of our favourite features that will help us for that all important transition to School are outlined below.

    PE Sessions

    Library Service

    Letter Sound of the Moment

    Farmer of the Day

    Reading Rangers

    Dough Disco

    By the time our Pre School children go to school we hope they will be Independent, Confident, and that they have developed Physical skills, Communication and teamwork skills, enjoy Imaginative and creative play and be able to Talk and negotiate and manage their own risks.

    Each child has a “Learning Story” book in which we record their progress in each area of learning. These help us to identify individual development needs and to plan activities designed to encourage learning and building on what children have already achieved.


    Holiday Club


    Our Holiday Club is a club where children can come and be active, develop new

    skills and take on new interests.


    Holiday Club is open every school holiday and all half terms including, Summer,

    Easter and Christmas. We can also provide care for teacher training days and

    unexpected school closures.



    Wii, Laser Tag, Quad Bikes, Bowling, Arts and Crafts, Outdoor Play, Movies & Pop Corn, and Trips Out.

    Themed weeks such as Mini Olympics, Science, Space & Experiments & Messy Week


    Look out for posters nearing each holiday club time, advertising what we will be getting up to.


    After School Club


    “It’s like going round to your friend’s house to play”


    We have a “Walking Bus” where we pick up from Maun Infants, Forest View and also collect in a car from Park Gate. At our After School Clubs you can just chill in a quiet area reading books, sit chatting with your friends or get help with your homework or you can burn off some energy in the garden or Fun Farm.

    Other activities offered are